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After T.I.‘s ridiculous and shameful comments about how intrusive and controlling he is as a father, the Ladies Like Us podcast hosts have apologized for not taking action in the moment. Nadia Moham and Nazanin Mandi, Miguel’s wife, hit Instagram to say they are sorry and were caught off guard. ALSO READ: We Pray | 10-Year-Old […]

A recent statement about his daughter brings his problematic views to light.

Deyjah Harris is most definitely T.I.’s kid. The 17-year-old went viral over the weekend after comedian Funny Marco included her in a hilarious skit where he randomly told people they were “rude for what they did.” Approaching Deyjah’s little brother, King, Marco told the 14-year-old “what you did was disrespectful.” Confused, King stepped away, at […]