Back in September, news broke that TJ Lane, the teenager who shot three of his classmates at Chardon High School near Cleveland, had escaped from prison, only to be caught shortly later. Many wondered how he, along with a couple other inmates, had succeeded in their elaborate plan, and now it looks they’re techniques are […]

A mother has been locked up since 1994 after being accused and charged for slitting her son’s throat, but a judge just found her innocent after all these years. Michelle Murphy is now a free woman after new evidence showed that DNA did not match up. She received the news just this past Friday. That […]

Thomas “T.J.” Lane, the convicted shooter who opened fire on an Ohio school in 2012 and killed three, set off a massive manhunt when he escaped from an Ohio prison on Thursday evening. The 19-year-old was recaptured a short while later — authorities returned him to the Allen Correctional Facility in Lima early Friday. The teenager is […]