<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Artist : Drake Album : Its Been A Pleasure Genre : Hip-Hop Year : 2010 Quality : 192kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo Songs : 20 Playtime : 67:01 min Size : 92,3 MB Source : WEB TRACKLISTING</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>01.baby come with me [01:03] 02.pass the dutch (feat. lil wayne &amp; young money) [05:03] 03.4 my town (remix) […]

<p>I&rsquo;m still learning about this, but according to some very reliable sources, <strong>JR Smith</strong> and <strong>Chris Johnson</strong> are both signed to <strong>Young Money Athletes</strong>. We already seen <strong>JR</strong> get a <strong>Young Money</strong> tattoo on his neck (<a title="JR Smith Adds A Young Money Tattoo" href="http://www.youngmoneyhq.com/2009/11/14/jr-smith-adds-a-young-money-tattoo/">here</a&gt; and <a title="JR Smith Adds A Young Money Tattoo" href="http://www.youngmoneyhq.com/images/bed-rock-vs17.jpg">here</a&gt;), […]

<p>Fran&ccedil;oise Boufhal developed her enormous assets at a young age and while she attempted an acting career she was left out of parts for being too sexy.&nbsp; Apparently the directors couldn’t figure out what to do with a girl that was so well endowed.&nbsp; Now I have heard of several things that might keep somebody […]

<p>In the interview below, Young Money&rsquo;s <strong>Lil Chuckee</strong> speaks to <strong>YoungMoneyHQ.com</strong> about some of his upcoming projects including the Charles Lee Ray mixtape, Young Money Compilation, School, a typical record session, Lil Twist, performing with Lil Wayne, &ldquo;Girl I Got You&rdquo;, influences, how he got signed with Young Money, and much more.</p>

<p>Pharrell feat. Lil Wayne – Smackdown (Prod. by Pharrell)</p>

<p>Young Joc is dating porn star Gizelle The Stallion and her best friend Kia lynn. Young Joc is knocking them both down ,Kia is also 2 months pregnant by the rapper and gizelle is one month. Exclusive pictures of Gizelle The Stallion sucking Young Joc off ,these are officially pics of their porn tape they […]

<p>Rihanna Feat. Trey Songz &amp; Young Jeezy – "Hard" Remix (Marc Mix). I couldn’t help myself. I had to mash these artists up.&nbsp; I think this is the best mash-up I’ve done so far. Enjoy!</p><p>Download: <a href="http://usershare.net/ws8chwxzjc50">Rihanna Feat. Trey Songz &amp; Young Jeezy – "Hard" Remix (Marc Mix)</a> / <a href="http://www.mediafire.com/?un0hntxgzym">Mediafire</a></p&gt;


Datwon- Wasn’t expecting the Young’ns to bring heat to the kitchen with this song, yet they do. The soundstage is a bit futuristic for my taste, but it works better once the combo of Young Jerz and Young Simmons get their voices on it. Haven’t heard a lot from Jerz to compare to his previous […]


Datwon- Looks like a long road back for Young Buck to the level he was enjoying about 4 to 5 years ago. Rolling in the dough with G-Unit’s head honcho, 50 Cent, affords one a life of luxury and live wire bbeef. Buck handled both very well and captured the souls of all the southern […]

<p>With the Barbiefication (that’s my word, don’t even try it) of American femininity going on now. It’s vewy, vewy interesting that even Mattel, the Dr. Frankenstein behind the Barbie doll are pushing a new campaign to have her take on new occupations as a way to transcend the dim-witted blonde arch type so prevalent in […]

<p>Check out Drake’s New Years Eve Performance @ Cameo Miami</p>


Young Simmons- ‘Wayne killed this!’ Lil Wayne feat. Baby ‘No Ceilings’ Im Global Now- ‘Cam’s back enough said!’ Cam’ron ‘They Holla Ayo’ Piper- ‘it offers me a bit of hope’ Kirk Franklin ‘The Storm Is Over Now’ Kanyeezy- ‘Young Simmons interviewed him!’ Chalie Boy ‘I Look Good’ Blogxilla- ‘Shout out to her she stopped by […]