Yes, it’s all about those benjamins these days. Money is tight, but so was this track. Before Diddy had the twins, before Kim jacked up her face, before the Lox left Bad Boy, it’s one of today’s Tuesday Throwbacks.

This is a funny pic!! – Anthropologists consider the Lil’ Kim mask to be the strangest and most unusual of all the world masks. It actually changes appearance at will and is effective at confusing the public and scaring young children.

Kim Kardashian has a blog now, and has been putting up personal pictures of herself for all her fans. Here a pic of Kim and Aubrey from Danity Kane.

Kim Kardashian has offered to give Britney Spears a makeover, so that the troubled singer can become a style icon once again. But do you want to see Brit looking like Kim???

‘I did not want to commence litigation against the Kardashian family without conducting an exhaustive investigation into the charges, and discussing all options, including criminal prosecution, with my family. After Ray J and Brandy urged me not to file criminal charges because of their prior friendship, I decided to afford the Kardashians an opportunity to […]

R&B singer Brandy Norwood’s mother filed a lawsuit Monday against Kim Kardashian accusing her of running up more than $120,000 credit card charges without Brandy’s permission. The suit, which also names Kardashian’s siblings Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr., alleges they ran up the charges while Kim worked as Brandy’s stylist in 2006 and 2007. It […]

Filed under: Wacky and The Tush and The Bush are starting to get so lovey dovey in public it’s getting a little cheesy, but at least they believe in safe sex! Chicka-chicka-wow-wow!The pair took pictures in the Lifestyles Make-Out Booth at Sundance — which actually… Read more