As you know NBA All Star Weekend has taken over Los Angeles, and with cars, teddy bears and lost little kids, the biggest names in basketball are going H.A.M. this weekend. Here at GlobalGrind we thought it would be cool to put together our own Hip Pop All-Star Team, to rival the All Stars of […]

Floacist from the former group ‘Floetry’ speaks about her first love, and no it isn’t music. She also talks about her relationship with former band mate Marsha Ambrosius, new music, and her inspirations.

You may have overheard the buzz in recent weeks about the political pundit team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert coming together in DC this weekend to gather the masses in an effort to rally in the name of sanity and reason. Thousands came to show their support for the cause, a cause that’s worth […]


President Barack Obama appeared on the Daily show with Jon Stewart to discuss his first two years and what he expects of himself in the next two years. Jon Stewart wasn’t holding back when he interviewed Obama on the daily show, like always, Stewart was on point and holding court like many of his guest and the […]

VIA GOSSIP COP Last night, Chris Rock cursed out a man he’s never met – all in the name of charity. Rock, who was among the many performers at Comedy Central’s autism benefit, “Not Of Too Many Stars,” offered to call someone’s ex and curse him or her out for dumping the person with the highest […]

The CNN news anchor and host of ‘Rick’s List’ (which replaced Campbell Brown’s slot just months ago) was recently, and very quickly I might add, fired from news powerhouse CNN earlier this week.  This was following an interview with Pete Dominick’s satellite radio show where he mentioned such things like ‘Jon Stewart is a bigot’ ‘Look […]

With a controversial role in the upcoming film “On the Road,” it seems as if Kristen Stewart is trying to send the world a message. According to Life & Style, the “Twilight” star plays the role of Marylou, a 16-year-old girl who ‘has a threesome with a couple of hotties, asks to watch two people […]


VIA HUFFPOST Jon Stewart returned from a long weekend last night to tackle the recent controversy over the building of a mosque at the World Trade Center site. Critics of the Islamic cultural center claim it would be built on hallowed ground, but it would actually be built several blocks away from Ground Zero on […]

The 4th of July is one of those day’s that’s perfect for going to the movies. There’s something about the sizzling summer whether, barbecues and fireworks that just makes you watch an action-packed popcorn flick. Every year around this time, there’s one big blockbuster film that everyone has to go see. This year, that film […]

Bite me!  To bite or lust…that is the question…until the next moon! Eclipse – 3 howls by Jennice Fuentes Can we all get along???  Really, must there always be this conflict between the Volturi  and other less connected vampires,  the pack of wolves and the Cullens, the Newborns and the older folks, Edward  and Victoria, […]


The third installment of the Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, hits theaters at midnight tonight, June 30, and diehard fans are already lined up, determined to witness the movie’s first screenings. Fans who know every detail of the saga have already been waiting in line for days just to make sure they don’t miss […]

When Edward says ‘You are my life now’ and Jacob’s sculpted-in-chrome body bursts into ferocious canine form, all a woman can say is ‘I’d rather die than stay away from you’.  The countdown begins.  June 30th, when Twilight Eclipse hits the theaters hormonal tweens, vampire fanatics, even middle aged mothers will be going wild for […]