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Wow, Grinders and Grindettes, can you believe that the first deacde of the milenium is almost over? So many things have happended in the music/entertainment industry since the millennium started. Remember Napster? That was like the beginning of the end for so many artists. Ok, what about iPods and MP3 players? They quickly pushed out the walkman, and now we have satelite radio which is giving radio a run for its money as well. What about Free and AJ on 106 and Park? I SO loved that show! TRL and Direct Effect, oh, wait y’all remember Cita and Hits on BET?? I was convinced Cita was my cousin Day-Day’s baby mother! So many things have come and go that were once staples in music and artists are no different. 

The editors at GlobalGrind tend to have strong opinions on just about everything, but we all got together and compiled a ‘We Wish You Were Still Here’ list . You know those artists that you hear for the first time and you just know in your bones that they about to bubble? They are a little hotter than an one hit wonder but not quite strong enough to battle a Beyonce or Jay-Z or hell even a …(Insert whoever you feel is whack here). Well, this list is like a love/hate situation, we loved you when you came out and hate that you’re gone, you lost your buzz, you’re no longer hot, BUT we still believe that you can come back… Ok, maybe not a comeback but we believed you back then. You can’t doubt that this decade was filled with a lot of hot songs, so for your reading and listening pleasure here we go!!!!!


Dru Hill

Ja Rule


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