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I sure wouldn’t want to run into this security down at Bank of America.

Watch yo’ mouth! Without a doubt!

Remember when the father from Good Times died? Florida does.

I guess she could’nt wait until commercial.


Lloyd speaking on his new album explain how he is discovering love. Also a great article about the different stages of relationships

Here’s the remix video to Brandy’s 1994 hit ‘I Wanna Be Down’ feat MC Lyte, Yo Yo and Queen Latifah. Doesn’t Ray J look so cute?….


He’s been receiving tons of backlash for his ‘The DJ is dead’ comment, but Jermaine Dupri clarifies what he meant when he dropped that statement. He also laughs off Greg Street’s proposed challenge.

Some say Halle Berry wanted a white or light skinned baby but ended up with a baby darker than herself.From the rumors I’ve heard, Halle has no love for black men due to her bad experiences with them over the years. Halle, whose mother is white and father is Dominican, did not want a dark […]

Jennifer Hudson was spotted out in about with ‘I Love New York’ contestant ‘Punk’. Punk made sure he was atleast 10 steps behind as the paparazzi took shots of J Hud! Ya’ll ain’t slick.. What happened to her man anyway?

Hip hop star Nas will join members of & on Wednesday to deliver 620,127 petition signatures demanding that FOX end its pattern of racist attacks against Black Americans including presidential candidate Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The group will make the delivery at 2:00pm on Wednesday, July 23rd at FOX in Manhattan.


‘Doin it’ was the official single that made it cool to wear ‘bamboo earrings’ back in the day.


This used to be the jam back in the day. Busta Bust!