BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Meech returns to Atlanta to learn that the city and his love now belong to Glock. He is determined to take the city from his competitors, yet he learns to do this in a smart manner.

1. It All Makes Sense

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

The episode began with BMF in one of the places they commonly frequent, the strip club. As they watched Angel dance with Glock in his crew’s section, Duffy hipped Meech to everything that had been going on since he left. Meech believed that Angel was just doing what she had to do to get paid and take care of herself. After Duffy introduced Meech to some of their new homies, Meech showed them the BMF way. He started flooding the club out, causing all of the strippers to come their way and Glock and his crew to leave. In Detroit, Hoop reported back to Tee that Henri owes the Chaldeans a boatload of money and that they’re looking for her. The two realize that Henri killed Peaches to snake her plug. 

2. What’s With This Dude Vince?

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

As Tee tries to close the restaurant for the night, he gets a surprise visit from Vince. The officer didn’t come for any reason other than to annoy Tee. Vince mentions how Markisha is a high class woman and Tee doesn’t have what it takes to be with her. Tee pretty much lets it be known that he’s the better man of the two. Before he leaves, Vince brings up the IRS and them finding out that Tee is selling more than food in the restaurant. Tee tells Vince that his business is legit. Tee then orders Hoop to find out everything he can about Vince. In Atlanta, as Meech is leaving the Platinum Palace, he peeps as the cops find drugs in one of the young MKs car and arrest him. In that moment, he understood that the government (Red Dawgs especially) were trying to make drug crimes federal. 

3. Epiphanies

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

This prompts Meech to talk to Duffy about them needing a new mechanic to upgrade their vehicles so that they can move around better. In Detroit, Lucille allows Pastor Fleming to host a prayer group at their house. They discussed how sometimes your biggest mistake can turn out to prepare you for where you need to go. Speaking of needing to go somewhere, Meech met up with Claude for the first time since he returned from STL. Claude updates him that people want to work with him but the biggest fish (Sharp and others of his ilk) will be a bit harder to convince. Meech tells him that it’s his job to get the Atlanta people on board. The two agree to have a sit down with the Atlanta players (at Platinum Palace, without any weapons) to discuss/finalize their plans to work together and get Remi (and Glock) out of the picture. 

4. A Pain That Won’t Heal

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

As one might expect, Bryant is still reeling from the loss of his son. We find him in his home apologizing out loud to his son while he indulges in a bottle. Before he can sink too much deeper in his misery, Jin shows up. Bryant voices how he feels like Kevin is dead because of the drug dealers. Jin convinces her ex-partner that having a pity party won’t bring Kevin (and Cobie) back but taking down BMF/Henri will bring them some sort of peace. 

5. Revenge Is Sweet

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

After Jin gets Bryant to clean himself up, the two do some staking out and watch Tyson. Bryant shares that Tyson was at the juvenile center when Kevin got his protection and when he lost it and he’s also sure that Tyson was with Henri when they shot up Jin’s place. Jin vows to make it a family affair by burying Henri and Tyson. She then admits to Bryant how much she liked Cobie and how good it felt to have another sister. The two then decide to split up and work undercover alone. Elsewhere, Tee comes up with a genius plan involving lottery tickets while talking to Sam (he works at one of the corner stores). While that was going on, Pastor Fleming was still trying to convince Lucille to take the assistant pastor position, who was still not sure. LaWanda was obviously touched by Pastor Fleming’s word. She told Lucille that she realized she has to prepare for a future without Terry. She made her mind up that she wanted to go to cosmetology school so that she could give women the same feeling she gets when she gets out of the chair. The good news didn’t stop there. Charles got home and let Lucille know that he was recommended to play for the Campbell Brothers. He invited Lucille to come see him play. While her parents were still trying to work things out, Nicole had her own situation going on. She told Lucille and Charles that she would be studying but in reality, her, Breeze and two of their other friends were kicking it. While in the backseat of their friend’s car, Breeze gives Nicole a note asking her to be his girlfriend. She checks the yes box and the two seal the new relationship with a kiss. The night quickly is ruined when Tee sees Nicole in the car with Breeze and her friends outside of the store. He approaches the car and pulls Nicole out. Tee proceeds to embarrass his sister by shattering their drinks, throwing the keys to the car and making Nicole leave with him. In Atlanta, Claude was trying to convince the other power players in Atlanta to side with him. He explained how working with Meech would be the best option for all of them considering how things were moving with the Red Dawgs, the MKs and Remi (Techwood). It seemed as though Claude’s pitch was going to work and the guys would be down until Remi showed up. He didn’t take too kindly to Claude trying to make moves behind his back and showed that by cutting his tongue out then slitting his throat. He told the remaining guys that he was on his way to take back Techwood and he only wanted real solid ATL dudes with him. Elsewhere in Atlanta, the Red Dogs thought they caught Bingo (one of BMF’s drivers) with some drugs. In reality, it was actually baking soda. The cops had to let Bingo free because they didn’t have anything on him for one and two, there was another shootout in Techwood (At the hands of Remi). 

6. Fresh Cut Charles

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

In Detroit, Henri gets the gift of a lifetime from her Uncle. He comes to her and delivers a bag of money, enough that will cover her debt with the Chaldeans. He tells her he did it because he’s never liked the way that her father (his brother) treated her and after all she’s been through, he thinks she deserves better. Tyson then leaves to drop the money off to the Chaldeans. Charles pulled up to Tee’s crib to get a haircut before his performance. The two discussed Maurice, the value of money and other things. When Charles asked Tee if he had any extra hours at the restaurant, his son gave him a wad of cash and told him he could look at it as an advance and to do whatever it took to make Lucille happy. In the A, the Red Dogs made their way through the whole Techwood and completely terrorized it. The raid took place as Glock sat back and watched. He alerted one of his men about what was going on. He then ordered him to meet him in Miami but to make sure he killed Meech first. He gave these orders out while Angel was sitting right next to him in the passenger seat. 

7. Tee’s Really Making Strides

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

While they’re out, Tee explains to Markisha how he’ll inflate the costs of the shop getting repaired so it looks better on the books. He goes in depth about his lottery scheme (with Sam and his people) and how it’ll work out for them in the long run with very to little risk. Markisha is impressed by Tee and how he’s calling the shots. At the Platinum Palace, Meech tells the crew that he’s going to put a pause on everything until they figure out a better way to move the work. After Meech and Duffy briefly discuss their next moves, Meech is approached by two strippers, Dilla and Crystal, who imvite them to their hotel afterwards. 

8. Good For The Flenory’s

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

Lucille made sure she was at Charles’ performance. After Charles got off stage, Lucille gave him his props and told him how she loved the new look on him. The conversation didn’t get too far before they’re interrupted by a guy who was impressed with Charles skills. The three engage in some small talk before the guy gives Charles his card and tells him to get in contact with his manager. The Flenory’s are ecstatic about the interaction. Charles tells Lucille that he’s going to take her out. She gets excited but still couldn’t help but to ask if Charles ever thought about what would have happened if they didn’t get married and have kids so young. Charles replied by telling her that everything happened how it was supposed to and God doesn’t make mistakes. The conversation concluded with Charles telling Lucille that they still have time to fulfill their dreams and make them happen together, which made Lucille smile.  

9. Clocked Him

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

Tee and Markisha continued to enjoy their night until a random drink was brought to the table they were sitting at. After they both told the waiter that they didn’t order any more drinks, Vince appears and owns up to buying it. This quickly upset Tee, who decided to put Vince in his place by running down his whole daily schedule in order to show him that he knows exactly where he is at all times. Markisha adds insult to injury by telling Vince that Tee is all the man she needs. 

10. Undercover Work

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

Tee & Markisha weren’t the only ones out and about. Jin went undercover again to meet up with Henri. The two began to talk about their families and how hard it was/is for them to deal with deaths, relationships, etc. When two police officers walk in, Jin kisses Henri so that her cover isn’t blown. Henri takes it as a sign that Jin is actually interested. In the midst of their conversation, Henri hints at dating a half Chaldean woman before (Peaches) and the love dying. In Atlanta, BMF gets a special delivery to their table in the club. To their surprise, it’s Claude’s head. Once they realize what they’re looking at, Remi walks up. He tells Meech that with the MKs hemmed up, Techwood is his again. Meech responds by telling him that the players in Atlanta don’t need him and it’ll only be a matter of time until they all realize it. Back at the restaurant in Detroit, Tee meets with Sam and his  people. Tee proposes that he sells them their weight with a better price as long as they cut Henri off completely. Hoop and Tee are visibly excited because it looks like they’ve completely gotten Henri out of the way. 

11. Next Stop, Miami

BMF Episodic Stills for Episode 308 Source:Starz

As Meech leaves Platinum Palace, he gets a surprise visit from Angel. She came to warn him to watch his back because Glock was planning something. She also told him that she wasn’t messing with Glock to get at him, but instead to take care of herself. She informed Meech that her next move would be checking out a club in Miami. The two hug for what seems like their final goodbye. In Detroit, Jin goes back to Henri’s home. Henri notices Jin’s scars and they talk about it for a quick second before Henri starts kissing on Jin. As this is happening, Jin notices a picture of Henri with Tuan and Tyson that makes her remember the real reason she’s there. She abruptly gets up and leaves. As Meech gets done with the two strippers he met earlier in the episode, Tchaka (Glock’s mans) makes his way to the room and opens fire. His first shot hits Crystal. It then turns into a shootout between the two men until they both run out of ammo and began to fist fight. This results in Meech throwing Tchaka out of a window onto the windshield of a car, killing him. Afterwards once he’s back at his crib, Meech calls Tee and lets him know that they need to go to Miami for the mechanic. Although he doesn’t seem happy about it, Tee agrees to meet his brother down South. Duffy questions if going to Miami is a good idea considering what just happened. Meech assures Duffy that if anything is wrong, Angel will let him know. Knowing that he can’t talk Meech out of it, Duffy tells him to keep his head on a swivel and his finger on the trigger. The episode ends with Bryant catching Tyson (assuming it’s after he delivered the money to the Chaldeans) in a dark alley and surprisingly beating him to death.

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