The first historically Black college is headed to California this year. Read more details about this historic opportunity inside.

A tragic story involving one California man killing family members on Christmas has everyone in shock this week.

A new law created in California may lead the charge in the way our country manages food waste. Read more about the law inside.

A new bill (Assembly Bill 3121) has been approved and will force the state to address its part in the continual oppression of Black people. 

You think that by now, racist white folks wouldn’t be so…well…RACIST during a time when being a bigot may actually cost you your safety and livelihood. Just like Permit Patty and BBQ Becky, Hateful Heather let her true, racist self get the best of her — and social media got to watch her disgusting embarrassing […]

Last month, Saweetie dropped her highly anticipated EP High Maintenance and we ain’t stop bumpin’ it yet. Best known for her viral freestyle “ICY GRL,” the Bay Area rapper is a living testament to the glory of putting the f*ck boys on notice, glo’ing up, and getting the respect you deserve out of a relationship. So, […]

On Sunday, Jeff Wieler, the Mayor of Piedmont, a small suburban city in California, stepped down after he received backlash for comments he made on Facebook about Black Lives Matter, Democrats and transgender people. Wieler’s Facebook posts included statements like  “Black Lives Matter encourages cop killing,” “Democrats are the plantation slave masters of today,” and “Transgenders are […]

Nas and Lauryn Hill have more in common than a classic hip hop duet and an upcoming tour. Just like the legendary singer, Esco is having some problems with paying his taxes. According to Bossip, the state of California’s Tax Franchise Board recently slapped the veteran rapper with a tax lien for $294,057 for income from […]

While performing the emotional track "Only One" about his mom, Yeezy asked the house crew to turn the lights on.


Andy Lizarraga, a witness standing outside the Target in Rowland Heights, captured the altercation on her cell phone – marking the woman in infamy for her racist assault.


Many people believed that the hijacker may have been affiliated with ISIS, but he took over the plane because he wanted to give a letter to his ex-wife.


Remember Jeremy Meeks, the hot felon who randomly stole women's hearts in 2014? Well, the husband and father of three was released from jail today (March 9) after serving time in California on felony weapons charges.