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You think that by now, racist white folks wouldn’t be so…well…RACIST during a time when being a bigot may actually cost you your safety and livelihood. Just like Permit Patty and BBQ Becky, Hateful Heather let her true, racist self get the best of her — and social media got to watch her disgusting embarrassing meltdown playout right before our eyes.

Heather Lynn Patton was filmed on Thursday going on an Anti-Black rant at a CVS in California. In the viral footage, Patton can be heard yelling “I hate n***ers,” to which one woman responded, “she on drugs or something.” But nope. The 49-year old bigot insisted, “No, I just hate n***ers.”

Folks continued recording Heather as she walked outside the the Pharmacy ranting and throwing a tantrum, repeatedly spewing the N-word. But it didn’t stop there. She continued,

“I would kill a n***er but the law says I can’t kill the n***ers. If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill the n***ers they’d all be dead.”

But not so fast, Ms. Hate. You won’t get away with this, and no public apology will save you. Twitter Detectives have discovered that Heather reportedly a costume designer and wardrobe assistant on various TV and film productions, and has worked on The Americans and Rescue Me among other projects. And according to KTLA, Patton has received two restraining orders by her neighbors whom she allegedly harassed. One neighbor told the station that she “has a long history of erratic, unstable behavior and making violent threats.”

Actress Patricia Arquette even chimed in on the madness; giving the location of the CVS store where Heather lost her marbles and sharing everything she may know about her.

So the next time we think of the terms “hate crime” and “terrorists”, let’s not forget to add people like Heather Patton to the top of the list.