The Daily Grind Video

Teyana Taylor shows off her washboard abs in new outtakes from her upcoming feature in Kontrol Magazine. Inside she talks about her album delays, her crushes and her style game:

On being able to “dress” herself: “When something’s natural, it’s just that easy. If you have an eye for it, you have an eye for it. A lot of people don’t. A lot of people use stylists to dress them. A lot of people use stylists just to walk to the gas station. But, you know, this is natural. You gotta be able to throw on something in the dark and still make it work”.

On who she thinks is cute: I’m starting to get over [actor Shia Labeouf]. I liked him for years and I still haven’t met him yet. I must tell you, honey, he is so sexy. Speaking of, Have you seen Shannon Brown? Shannon Brown is from the Lakers. I saw him in the background when Derek Fisher was doing an interview after a game and honey, that body was everything.