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<p>Check out the live footage of CR the Beast &ldquo;BEASTING&rdquo; at Studio 3 Newport, RI. Summer resident DJ. This is one of Providence&rsquo;s HOTTEST DJs who did a set at Providence Sound Session 2009 SCION kick off party with DJ BENZI. The first DJ to bring the Michael Jackson / Jay Z Mash up mixtape &ldquo;MJ3-Fade To Jack&ldquo;. For more on CR the Beast check his blog</p><p>CR the BEAST Studio 3 &ndash; Newport, RI</p><p>We known Corey aka DJ CR / CR the BEAST for over 10 years and I&rsquo;ve watch him grow as a DJ. Attn. Promoters / Event Planners / Club Owners if you want someone different in your venue or area book CR, you won&rsquo;t be disappointed &ndash; [up]</p><p>Name (required):</p><p>Email (required):</p>

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