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The act of atonement is a process, not a one time event.  Tiger Woods has begun that process and for that I applaud him.  I know firsthand from my yoga practice how important it is to breathe unrestrained from the negative noise outside one’s life.  To focus on yourself and turn off all of the noise that is around you is a daily struggle.  That is why I wake up every morning and meditate, to practice noise reduction and focus on being still and present.  The noise Tiger has heard for the past few months has been constant, much of it as a result of his own actions and mistakes.  However, today, for the sake of him and his family, hopefully the noise will begin an ascension to silence. 
I now hope that everyone, including the media, will simply allow Tiger and his resiliant, rock of a  wife and family to breathe freely while he completes his therapy and reconciliation.  I was touched by his desire to regain his ‘balance’ spiritually, and I am indeed moved to be in complete solidarity with this ambition.  The scriptures affirm that trial and tribulations can produce purification.  May God bless and sustain him and his family with grace and universal love.

Russell Simmons