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George W. Bush‘s boy Karl Rove is going to have a hard time selling books, caue he is going toi hear it where ever he goes. The former top Bush adviser was heckled and harassed at a book signing in Beverley Hills on Monday night and called a ‘war criminal’ by protesters, according to multiple news reports.

Many of the nearly 100 people who attended a signing for Rove’s new book ‘Courage and Consequences: My Life As a Conservative In The Fight,’ appeared to be there to denounce the former Bush official.

Protesters included Jodie Evans, the co-founder of the group Code Pink who approached Rove with handcuffs and tried to make a citizen’s arrest,

According to video of the even one heckler said that Rove ‘ruined the country,’ while another told him: ‘The only comfort I take is that you’re going to rot in hell.

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