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The same Ole G is back!

What’s up yall, its ya boy Ginuwine.   First I want to thank you all for supporting my comeback album last year and making my single, ‘Last Chance’ and huge hit.  With that said things are looking even better for my new album, no matter what happens just remember, I’m still the same ole G!  If you really know me, then you know my name is Ginuwine for a reason, I keep it 100.  I have seen a lot and survived even more during my career as an R&B singer, from a fast rising star selling millions of records to going back into the studio for a big comeback.

I have worked with the best in the business from making hits with the legendary producer Static to more recently working with the talented Bryan Michael Cox who coincidently in the executive producer on my forthcoming album. I am in the studio putting the finishing touches on the new joints as we speak. Much like my earlier albums, this one is going to be one that I’m sure you all will love. I don’t want to give too much away at the moment but let’s just say it’s going to be hot! As I get new music and pictures I will make sure to share them with you guys.  In the mean time as a tribute to my lady fans I’d like to dedicate my blog on Global Grind to you.


My last album was entitled “A Man’s Thoughts” and that’s what this particular blog will be about.  We can talk about music, current events, relationships and all things Ginuwine.  For my first blog I have posted a few pictures of me in the studio doing my thing.  I have a photo shoot for my album packaging soon and I will make sure you guys get a sneak peak at some of those as well.

In the mean time remember this ladies, If you want to know the truth, get at me, If you are confused about what you mean to ya man, holla at ya boy, or if you really want to know what us, men find attractive about a women, don’t be afraid  to ask.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not some wack sex psychologist looking to score points with the ladies, been there done that, these days, Im getting my grown man on.  I’m just here to keep it real and hopefully help you to be a more confident girlfriend, a sexier wife or just have more swag when you walk into a room. 

If really want to know, A Mans Thoughts…hit me up at @ginuwine09

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