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Rapper T.I., who was recently released from prison, is now back and working harder than ever. Not only is he releasing new recorded songs with big top artists like Justin Timberlake, he is also working on his clothing line Akoo.

Although the self proclaimed ‘King of the South’ has only made a limited amount of appearances since his sentence of a year and one day has ended, it seems like he has been hard at work. The clothing line Akoo, which literal translation means a king of one’s self, has some new weather appropriate pieces coming out to usher in spring and summer.

T.I. spoke EXCLUSIVELY with GlobalGrind and said, ‘I am really proud of The Spring/Summer Collection because it represents my relax sense of style, not trying to hard just finding what works for you and making it work with your swagg.’

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks to Tip, we also got exclusive pictures of the latest pieces a part of the collection.


T.I. continues ‘The cargo pants are my favorite items from the SS Collection because they go with everything, you can dress them up or down, for those hot summer days.’ Coming from a true fashionista, staple pieces that you can wear with everything are the best investment!


Plaid shirts always give off a cool, relaxed look.