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Why do we judge the stripper and not the customer?

I have asked myself this question often, since so often I was judged when I danced. And interestingly enough, my income was supplemented by the people who were judging me the most. Yep, the patronizing men that would make it rain in the club, were probably our harshest critics outside of the club. And it just seems odd these women who receive such criticism (strippers), seem to be making a lot of money off of these guys who so often look down on them. Just another acceptable double standard, right?

For a long time, ‘society’ has viewed strippers as women who have had to resort to dancing as a means of getting by, assuming that they are dumb and don’t have the common knowledge, education, or job experience to gain ‘real’ employment. Now, as for the men, who indirectly employ the dancers, they are always viewed as successful, or rich. They’re able to do whatever they want with their money, including but not limited to using the money as a charming mechanism for the ladies, and a source of power for the stripper. So, I guess it is their financial success that releases them from judgement when they become the ‘Strip Club Trick.’


The Strip industry houses all sorts of women. Some are really smart ladies that have other things going on, like school, second jobs, kids, etc. Others are purely fueled by the fast money and freedom to make your own schedule and place of employment. These days, stripping has become more of an option that some women willingly choose, rather than a shameful choice we are forced to make. Being pretty AND smart comes in handy when entertaining rich men, especially in the strip club. Some of the time, dancers can be the smarter of the two, and consider it being a craft to be able to get paid to look gorgeous and dance in one spot, nude, giggling, harmlessly flirting away while the songs keep going and the money keeps flowing. I don’t know how much of an art form hustling is, but it is only the stupid strippers that make it hard for the business to stay legit.

So what makes the customer better than the stripper? Of course, there are tons of exotic dancers who fit that stereotype of a dumb, promiscuous drug addict prostitute.  No matter how opposite you are to that, the stigma and money are a package deal.  If strippers have such a bad reputation, how come their employers (customers) aren’t equally as damned?

With stripper and customer, one can not exist without the other, and the money is the number one enabler. Personally I try not to judge anyone that is generous enough to spend an evening in the club buying drinks and dances all night, especially in this economy. So, it is only fitting that the women who choose to dance for a living get that same respect. If a guy wants to give me money to dance for him nude, he is getting what he wants (the dance), and I’m getting what i want (the money). That fair exchange makes for two satisfied people. And in this case, money clearly supersedes that satisfaction. Because in the end, it is *money* that distinguishes who is getting judged, and who is not.

Just something to think about.

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