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I’m a big lover of Mother’s Day. Every few years I’d have to share it with my birthday and my Mom would be chillin’ on my bday! Growing up I didn’t have money to really get her much other than a card, so I would try my hand at breakfast, making scrambled eggs (they were good, I’m sure) and playing music. One song in particular that I’d put on was by one of my favorite groups of the time, Whodini with ‘Early Mother’s Day Card’. There weren’t a lot of songs like that back then that could explain how I felt towards her, but this song did it.


To this day, when 2Pac’s ‘Dear Mama’ comes on the radio, I turn the station. It’s the way that Pac hits that core feeling of love and pain with the woman that birthed him. I tend to experience that same emotion, but I add my Grandmother’s that have passed to the mix. Once that beat comes on, I can’t make it fast enough to switch the tunes. It is a favorite song that I can’t listen too.


When it comes to this entertainment industry I’ve seen a few artists and entertainers that keep a tight family unit around them, but none more than R&B star Ashanti. Her momager, Tina Douglas, is at Ashanti’s side to help build the brand that Ashanti has become. Regardless of what others may think, the bond between this mother and daughter is unbreakable and unshakable. I have a lot of respect for their union.


Next to Pac’s ode to his Moms, this is the best Mom dedication in my book. When I first got Kanye’s album, I would play this track in the car and my daughters would sing it at the top of their lungs. This would be the first song they would ask to hear whenever we had to drive around. In these two clips, you get to witness the intense joy and the heartwrenching pain of how the same tune can be performed under different circumst

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