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“Cyrus” starring Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly will have you slapping your knee in a new way.  The amiable and hilarious Jonah Hill will be playing a slightly different role this time expanding into a more dramatic role as a son who has an unconventionally close relationship with his mother, played by Marisa Tomei.  

Classic moments of Jonah’s tactless but honest opinions are sure to be seen in this movie but his comedy will be stretched out of his usual role as the crass sidekick in this Fox Searchlight film by Ridley and Tony Scott.

Jonah won’t fail in flushing out hilarious lines for us to repeat especially in the odd threesome love that “Cyrus” is about.  Jonah, although crude in his observations, always has the best intentions at heart.  He will torture and humiliate John C. Reilly in order to protect this dysfunctional but special relationship with his mother.  


His other recent movie “Get Him to the Greek” is yet another showcase of his nerdy but absurd antics of his comedic mission.  Trying to “clench and sneeze” so that his bowels won’t give out and release Russell Brand’s heroine is only one highlight of the the ridiculous things Jonah would do to make us laugh. 

Perhaps, this is why we find Jonah Hill so charming, because beyond the dick jokes and his obsession with “flesh of the stars” (Knocked Up) he always manages to deliver naivete and goodwill through his seemingly bizarre characters.

We’ve rounded up some of the most memorable side splitting moments of Jonah Hill, check it out!