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I don’t know if they are necessarily powerful political players, or at all representative of life on the Beltway, but they’ll probably just as entertaining to watch as their predecessors. Real Housewives of DC is set to premiere tonight on Bravo at 10pm, and it would be irresponsible of me to neglect giving the world a preview of what utter nonsense to expect, and the top reasons why to tune in.

1. The token black friend

This installment of The Real Housewives is only the second to boast a multi-ethnic cast. Stacie Scott Turner, a Howard alum and Harvard MBA, she previously worked in marketing for BET before starting a career in real estate. She also is the only housewife with a semi-legit connection to politics: husband, Jason previously worked in Mayor Adrian Fenty’s administration.


2. The most high-profile party crashers

It’s always awkward when people show up uninvited. Michaele Salahi and husband Tareq took awkward to the next level when they penetrated incredible levels of security and crashed the White House state dinner last November.

As one of them posted on their Facebook page the night of the event: ‘Honored to be at the White House for the state dinner in honor of India with President Obama and our First Lady!’…nope.

Michaele Salahi: giving hope to wannabes everywhere.


3. Attractive straight guys (a dying breed) with style

Screw what he’s accomplished in business, Rich Amons, husband of socialite Mary Schmidt Amons, was cited on Washingtonian’s best-dressed list as the ‘relaxed urban surfer.’ Lynda Erkiletian, owner of T.H.E. Artist Agency (supposedly one of D.C.’s top modeling agencies—though how many do they really have?) is now involved with Ebong Eka, a much younger basketball-player-turned-accountant-turned-designer. At least when the women’s style begins to lack, we can turn our attention elsewhere.


4. Yet again, the Housewives series gives us all permission to call ourselves a housewife…without actually being married

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