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I’m just a little peeved with one of my girls right now and I feel like there’s no better way to get over anger than to WRITE. SO.

Since when was it ok for women to take their child support checks and go clubbin, shopping, or spend money on hair that costs more than what your baby’s got in his/her whole closet…etc??

Someone please help me understand this one. Me, my artist Ni’chelle Genovese, and my ‘friend’ were all at the bar and my girl had the nerve to buy a bottle of Ciroc…not shots, not a glass, but a BOTTLE. If yall know like I know – bottles in the club are not cheap.


It wouldn’t be an issue if this wasn’t the same chick that was on the phone arguing with her son’s father the whole way to the club about needing some extra money and actually getting upset because he was giving her a hard time and asking what happened to the child support money she’d just received.

LADIES. I’m sorry but it is not ok for you to be labeled out, hair done, nails done and looking camera ready 24 hours a day and your lil girls hair isn’t done or your son’s Spiderman shoes are so old the bottoms are falling out. It is not ok to take your child support check and supplement your income – the money is meant to support YOUR CHILD not you. I know when she reads this she is going to be upset but what’s right is what’s right.


You can’t be in the grocery store rockin a real Louis Vuitton purse debating on whether you’re gonna put back the Juicy Juice or the Cheerios because your money isn’t looking right. There are so many men out there that try to do right by their children and it’s pretty selfish for some women to think that just because they mis-managed the support check it’s ok to hassle him for more money. Real ‘ballers’ and I mean the ones that are doin it for real, have home taken care of first. Their support check, no matter how big or small, goes towards the kids and if they are out spending it like they’ve got it…its because they actually have it to spend.

– Drew Sidora | Follow Me @drewsidora