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Right, now I’m so excited about my clothing line. I definitely wanted to do the sexy, not too risque´ look. For my bathing suits, I go with the edgy, rocker look because that’s what I find sexy. I’m also really into jeans and into creating my own style – showing cleavage and being able to show a woman’s shape.

As of right now I’m only producing dresses and bathing suits but hopefully I’ll have t-shirts out by the next two weeks.  Then I’m going to really push jeans, shoes, and purses. It’s an amazing feeling – knowing that people actually want to wear things like that I made. It’s a great feeling to have such a big fan base and people that want to buy them.


I want girls of all ages to be able to wear my clothes. Girls going to their prom or women in their 20’s going to a wedding that want that feeling that they will be showstoppers at any event they go to. I like to think I do that well with my dresses. I want to stay away from conforming to this idea of what a girl is “supposed” to look like. I want to make clothes for what that girl actually looks like.  

Filthy Couture

 – JWoww

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