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Before he died in a hail of police gunfire, Luis Soto lived large on Twitter.

In a stream of messages larded with profanity, rap lyrics and teasing jokes, Soto painted himself the toughest of gangbangers.

‘I go 2 da grave b4 I be a b—h n—-! Fa’realll,’ he wrote July 23.

He posted photos of himself flashing gang signs, or holding a new iPhone, an iPad and cocktails.

In one photo, he looked out at the camera over a thick fan of crisp new $50 bills – many thousands of dollars worth.

Though he had no job,  he planned to trade in his BMW 760, a $130,000 car, for an equally pricey Mercedes-Benz CL550, he tweeted.

A turf rivalry between Harlem, where Angel Alvarez lives, and the Bronx, where Soto was from, surfaced in his tweets. ‘Not for nothin da BRONX Got More Real N—-s Den HARLEM,’ he wrote July 28.

Friends said Alvarez and Soto had an argument two weeks ago that led to their clash Sunday in Harlem. That tweet could have been related.

According to his Twitter feed, Soto was in trouble with the law as recently as Friday.