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Spc. Faith R. Hinkley, 23, of Monte Vista, Colorado died Aug. 7 in Baghdad, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked her unit in Iskandariya, Iraq. 

Hinkley was working in an office building Saturday when it was hit by a rocket. She and two other soldiers were hit by shrapnel as they rushed toward a bunker. Hinkley was fatally wounded, another soldier was seriously hurt and yet another suffered hand wounds.

Reports said Faith was hit in the stomach area and was taken to a hospital in Baghdad, where she was pronounced dead. Her companions are expected to recover.


According to unit records, Hinkley enlisted Aug. 27, 2007 and reported to Fort Jackson, S.C., for basic training and then reported to Fort Huachuca, Ariz., for advanced training in her military occupational specialty, 35M – Human Intelligence Collector. 

By all accounts, Faith was a young woman other young women could strive to emulate. Described by friends as a very talented person – she was consistently a member of the Fort Lewis Honor Bands’ clarinet section – Faith was a past Rainbow for Girls Worthy Advisor, National Honor Society member and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), as well as a member of the cheerleading squad and always working to make things better.

Chelsea and Faith graduated from Monte Vista High School in 2006 and went their separate ways, but always stayed in touch.

Every room Faith has been in is said to echo with her laughter, actually a giggle, and to shine with the warmth of her smile, a warmth that has been chilled by an Iraqi rocket.