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Wyclef Jean announcing his interest in running for President of Haiti has been receiving some mixed reviews in the political arena. One could say that the type of attention Wyclef Jean has received over the past weeks since announcing his interest is expected. After all, Wyclef is considered by many to be a celebrity so there would naturally be some talks about it within Hollywood. However, it seemed that in this instance he does not have very much support from the celebrity circle. Former bandmate Pras, of The Fugees and also a native Haitian, was one of the firsts to openly share his opposition of Wyclef’s run for presidency. More recently, actor Sean Penn discussed his concerns with Wyclef’s decision with CNN correspondent Moni Basu. 

Well, Wyclef took a moment to speak with Lee Crawford of the Wall Street Journal and address the concerns of his critics, his plans for Haiti and educational policy. Take a look at the video of his conversation with Lee Crawford and his first campaign video on the next page.



Wyclef speaking with Lee Crawford.

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