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Hello Global Grind it’s @shontelle_layne

I used to spend all my summers in New York growing up so it’s sort of like a second home. I didn’t want to blow my whole advance just to have a loft in the city or a studio apartment with no space, so I wanted to see what was outside of the city that I could find.

I’m currently living in Westchester, NY and it is beautiful: there’s trees, animals..and you’d never think NY was that beautiful. Where I am, there’s a pool, tennis court, basketball court.

So I just went with a nice condo in an area that has everything that I need. It’s nice to see people just walking their dogs; my neighborhood is so nice, and everyone is so sweet to each other.

My focus right now is my music, there is not much time for dating.

[pagebreak]Certainly a lot of people who disappeared have reappeared. Most people really just want to express that they’re proud of you/excited/happy and they’re happy that they’ve been connected to you in some way and part of your story.

And anyone that’s happy for me I usually am very respectful of them. I stay really close to my real friends, and I usually open my arms to most people who are expressing any sort of appreciation or good sentiments.

As far as boys: I was in love with this boy, he was like the hottest, best boyfriend I ever had. And then I had to move to NY and we tried to make it work for a while and then we just couldn’t. Like I’m literally living my song, Impossible, right now.

[pagebreak]I don’t even want to talk to boys now, because I just can’t. So I just need to get past this space in my career because I’m just too busy now to give anyone the attention that I feel they should deserve.

– Shontelle

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