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We here at GG are globetrotters. We enjoy getting out of our New York City confines and traveling around this great country and this great world, but unlike a lot of tourists, when we visit a new city we don’t want to see the sights the United States designates national landmarks. We have our own landmarks we want to visit, and we didn’t learn about them from some book, we learned about them by listening to hip-hop.

New York City, where else?

The Google Rap Map is the latest genuis idea we have seen created from the Google Maps application. Appropriately spawned from the brilliant minds over at, the map goes from Houston to New York City, to Atlanta, and even lesser known places like Fayetville, North Carolina and Virginia Beach.

Go to the next page to see more maps, and then click on the link to visit for more information on these incredibly dope maps. After, buy your ticket to a destination of your choosing. Chances are, you will see us there.


The rap map of Los Angeles

The rap map of Miami



The rap of New Orleans

Click here for an in-depth look at these maps and rap maps from elsewhere.

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