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Don’t give to Africa, give us room. Everything Africa needs to stand is within the continent itself. Years of aid have served to cripple resource rich nations.

Aid is like a cancer treatment that benefits one end while killing the host. So, how do we get involved and practice our responsibilities as Global Citizens without destroying that which we reach out to uplift? Micro economies. In this specific instance, All For Africa

I got involved with All For Africa because their premise manifested my belief; Africa’s solutions will come from Africa. We can Palm Out Poverty by attacking it at its roots. All For Africa is planting one million palm trees through out Africa. Palm trees yield a lucrative product, palm tree oil, which is heavily used and traded.


Lots of land are allocated to local nonprofits on the ground on the continent. They now have a system to sustain the good that they do. It’s that simple, that direct. People are employed and making their own money for the good of their communities.

This October 4th, John Legend and ?uestlove will be performing at our Palm Out Poverty event, lending their voices and their support to Palming Out Poverty.  

What are you going to do to change the world?

Gbenga Akinnagbe