The Daily Grind Video

Yela was none too pleased this slipped into the wrong hands. And truthfully, I can’t blame him. In return, however, he vowed to let go of the final version of the video soon, but since it’s already out, you may as well check the video out now. This is what I presume to be the lead single off Yelawolf’s Interscope debut Trunk Muzik 0-60, the visual for his “Wanna Party” featuring Gucci Mane is here.

Truthfully, this has been getting spins since I first heard it in early August and I hope on everything this gets the push it deserves. Catfish Billy’s flow is as unique as they come and La Flare delivers a quality guest verse. All the while, you can get as inebriated as you can while rapping along the song’s hook. You can’t ask for much more out of a lead single other than positive results. Cameos from DJ Burn One, Big Boi and others are all throughout the video as there is plenty of smoking, drinking and dancing to go around this house party.