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It’s no secret that celebrities love sports. Today marks the kick-off of Major League Baseball’s playoffs and a bunch of famous fans are sure to be attending games, maybe singing the national anthem, throwing the first pitch or even just settling on their couch to watch like the rest of us. 

Some celebs make no secret of their love of the game. Jay-Z, Ben Affleck and President Obama make no secret about which teams they pledge their allegiance to. But there are a bunch of other stars who are huge baseball fans.

So watch the games today, (Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays, Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies and New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins) take a look on the next pages to find out which celebrities cheer on their teams!

Kate Hudson (who used to A. Rod) and perpetual Yankee fan Jay-Z


Avril Lavigne

Jennifer Lopez with Alex Rodriguez 


L.A. Angels fans: 

Eva Longoria


Holly Madison


Texas fans:

George W. Bush is a Texas Rangers fan

Matthew Mcconaughey is an Astros fan:


Ben Affleck and Jen Garner are Boston Red Sox fans:

Gisele Bundchen:


Audrina Patridge roots for the L.A. Dodgers:


Alyssa Milano:



Justin Bieber

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