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Huge explosions are what people are saying 9 years after the attacks of September 11. Newly obtained video show firefighters saying they heard huge explosions when the entered the buildings way after the planes hit. 

The new tape is as clear cut as it comes the firefighters, who were inside the lobby of one of the towers, unequivocally state that secondary explosions which occurred after the planes hit were responsible for causing the towers to collapse.

“There was an explosion….the third explosion the whole lobby collapsed on us,” states the firefighter. Asked “was that a secondary explosion,” he responds, “yes it was ….definitely secondary explosion”.


Another firefighter then confirms that there were at least three explosions which caused the lobby to collapse.

The only way to explain what firefighters described as “molten steel, like you’re in a foundary, like lava” being witnessed following the collapse of the towers was if powerful additional incendiary devices were used to take down the buildings.

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