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Say it so! Will Barack Obama and Joe Biden be parting ways come 2012? It seems that rumorville in Washington is speculating that Joe Biden will step down and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will step up to the number #2 spot. 

So peep the scenario, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would switch positions. Would this be a good look for the Prez? We think so, for one, the Prez lost his some of his swag with the ladies in the past two years as we’ve seen at the recent town hall where the Obama was put on blast. Barack also needs the Latino vote also, which Clinton had when she was running in 2008, so it wouldn’t be a bad look for the Prez to roll with Hillary in 2012. 

So if the Prez doesn’t pick Hillary or stays with Joe Biden, who will he run with? Luckily, we have the secret list of candidates who would take the number #2 spot. Take a look.


Lebron James

Seems like Bron Bron really wants to be the number 2 guy these days signing with the Miami Heat in the off season. At least Obama will have some competition at the White-house basketball games now.


Nasir Jones

YES Nas, the Queens-bridge rapper has been played heavily in the Presidents iPod as of late as he explained in his Rolling Stone interview.


Every leader needs a ‘Consigliere’ someone to get things done when the boss can’t and who better than one of the best to ever do it than, Silvio Dante. Sil held down Tony Soprano for years, no doubt he’ll hold down B. Rock and as for those annoying ass tea party people, Sil will nip that sh*t in the bud.


Dr. Spock, that’s right, old boy held down Captain Kirk, so why can’t he hold down the Prez not to mention holding down the USS Enterprise. He can right the ship if Obama needs him to.



Yeah we said Snookie, the pint sized Jersey Shore would certainly rally up Obama’s base, never-mind that she ain’t feeling Obama cause he taxes tanning salons.




Lady Gaga

You already know that the ‘Monster’ will turn sh*t upside down if she were tapped. Say goodbye to ‘Don’t Ask , Don’t Tell’ for ever. Gaga will carry the female vote and the Gay vote.

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