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Lt. Colonel Mayele, rebel commander of the Mai Mai “Cheka” militia  was arrested by Congolese forces and the UN for the alleged mass rape of over 300 villagers in Waikale, eastern Congo.

The rape is said to have happened in three parts which were carefully orchestrated leaving innocent villagers tortured by such bestiality.  Mayele is now detained in Goma where the Congolese military are unveiling the case.

congo rape

The Mai Mai Militia spokesman, Didier Bitaki insists that the militia were there to protect local populations from outside rebels.  

However the facts and medical reports beg to differ.  Dr. Chris Baguma of the International Medical Corps sadly explains , “I have never seen anything so planned, so systematic, so animalistic.”  

Between July 30th and August 2nd, officials report that “303 civilian victims — 235 women, 13 men, 52 girls and 3 boys” have been raped according to the preliminary investigation.


Surprisingly, the village is only 12 miles away from the U.N peacekeepers camp but these activities were not discovered during the patrol drives.  

Local civilians believe that the mass rape agenda was closely related to the region’s richness in minerals and the incredibly dehumanizing event was not considered a priority in atrocities until an NGO brought it to light.

congo rape

The Monusco group responsible for the security has failed numerous times from lackluster training and communication.  

Margot Wallstrom, the UN special representative for sexual violence in conflict stated,

“The numerous criminal acts committed under ‘Lt Col’ Mayele’s command cannot be undone, but let his apprehension be a signal to all perpetrators of sexual violence that impunity for these types of crimes is not accepted and that justice will prevail.”

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