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DJ Earworms ‘Blame it on the Pop’ has been getting some airplay on the radio. It’s the song that mashes together every pop and hip hop hit from 2009 (25 songs) into one giant cluster-f*ck of a track.

I’m not going to waste the space listing all of the tracks sampled but you can view the list HERE, and here’s some pleasure for your eyeballs:

Although, this song isn’t the best example of a good mash-up, it’s definitely a good starting point by showing you how much insanity can ensue in this craft.

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Taking a step back from Earworms elegantly designed car wreck there is another well-known artist in the mix – Girl Talk.

The New York Times called him ‘a lawsuit waiting to happen,’ but I guess you have to label all mash-up artists as such – if you don’t understand how the fair use law works.

He’s known for his album Feed the Animals across college campuses. If you’re in college, you’ve heard Girl Talk at least one time at a party.


Girl Talk – play your part (pt. 1)
by GlobalGrind


Maybe it was at a Sorority house, but we all know it was probably a Fraternity.

If you haven’t heard of him, check out his MySpace for some sample music. He’s a bit too popular for this ‘Listen to’ blog to go into detail about his music, so moving on in no particular order:
Super Mash Bros.
(clever) are scientifically proven to get your booty movin’ – allegedly. A friend dared them to make mash-ups with the old ‘you won’t’ reverse psychology trick and well it worked to their benefit. Thousands of fans later and opening up for Nelly, here we are talking about them in a blog.

They look for the most recognizable songs in an attempt to have people say, ‘oh sh*t, it’s that song!’ Ethan of the duo said, ‘We try to emulate the feeling where Leo and Rose are on the ship, and it’s really cheesy, but you love it.’

Do you lov

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