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Oh what a week it has been.  It started on Sunday night, with an all night vote on the United States House Of Representatives floor, where the Democrats prevailed and the health care reform bill was passed.

After this joyous occasion, the President signed the bill into law on Tuesday at an amazing, emotional ceremony in the White House.

The Republicans and the Tea Baggers were not gonna let this happen without a fight, so they shouted a few racial and sexual slurs at congressman, held signs with guns on them and cut gas lines at the home of a Congressman’s brother.

Well, I guess as William Shakespeare said, all’s well that ends well…so after a seven day roller coaster health care reform is now law.  However, there might be one group of people who might be a little upset about the new law.  Who, you might ask?  The cast of JERSEY SHORE.  Click the button to see why our good friends, J Woww, Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the guidos and guidettes might be joining the tea party movement.


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