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Young Barack Obama playing in the ocean in the 1960s.



Obama, with his baseball bat in Hawaii in the 1960’s.



Obama, on his bike in Hawaii in the 1960’s.



Barack Obama is seen with his father Barack Obama, Sr. in an undated family snapshot from the 1960’s



 Where’s Obama. Barack Obama, circled in yellow, attends a graduation ceremony at the SDN Menteng 1 school in Jakarta Indonesia.



Barack ‘Barry’ Obama, center, poses with his varsity basketball team photo during his senior year in  the 1978 Punahoe School Yearbook in Honolulu.



Barack ‘Barry’ Obama, center, is seen in his 1978 senior yearbook photo from the Punahoe School Yearbook in Honolulu.



 The photo on the left shows Obama playing basketball wth an unidentified person.  The right photo is his senior class photo.  Both photos were next to each other on the page.  The caption on the photo says,’Thanks Tut, Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray for all the good times.’



Barack Obama poses in the office of The Harvard Law Review at Harvard University in Cambridge on February 5, 1990, after being named President of The Harvard Law Review.



Barack Obama and his bride Michelle Robinson on their wedding day Oct. 18, 1992, in Chicago. After his first year at Harvard, Obama was a summer associate at a corporate law firm in Chicago where his adviser was Robinson, another Harvard law graduate.



 Illinois U.S. Senate candidate Democrat Barack Obama (2nd R), wife Michelle and their daughters Malia (R), 3, and Sasha (L), 6, spend time in their Chicago hotel room, November 2, 2004.



President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk the Inauguration parade route from the U.S. Capitol to the White House.



Newly elected President Barack Obama in the Blue Room overlooking the South Lawn.

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