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I want to talk about the definition of a gold digger… I’ve heard many men using the ‘ah she was a gold digger’ as an excuse of why she left and i find it quiet funny because what they are trying to say without wanting to say it is ‘i tried to get her attention with my money, i bought her love with diamonds and without my money i ain’t nothin but a looser’. Now this is my opinion because you know what? It’s your – and let me tell you ONLY – your fault. I mean sure there are major gold diggers running around the fanciest places but hey, don’t you think that If it walks like chicken, talks like a chicken, it probably is a chicken? So what exactly are you complaining about? And why do i have the feeling that the words ‘gold’ and ‘digga’ in combination are female? Well if we think about it, the male version is definitely less sexy and the other way around is explainable. See I’m Muslim and in our mentality it’s definitely ok for a man to take care of a woman in any way but on the other hand she’d cook, clean and make sure her man is well up and has everything he needs. Totally fair… The modern woman wants to be independent, have her own career, kick ass, expects a man to treat her like a princess and pay the bills (so she can feel like a princess) but every now and then she’d pay the bill to make sure it’s not just coming from one side. And theeen there’s the good looking woman that thinks she’s waaaay too good looking to pay and also waaaay to good looking to work. So who do you want to invite for dinner and pay the bill? Not so hard to decide or is it? Aaargh but she’s so damn hot right? Here you go. 🙂

My personal definition of a gold digger is a woman that doesn’t say thank you, takes things for granted, can’t get enough, counts the carats, doesn’t move her ass at all and doesn’t have anything as compensation but her looks. You can’t NOT BE AWARE of things like that. You can ignore and/or accept it but don’t blame it on her at the end.

I’m a hard working girl, i make my own money and i wouldn’t consider myself a gold digger BUT: I ain’t sayin I’m a gold digger, but i ain’t messin’ with no broke nigga… Fair enough 😉

I can’t wait to hear your opinion on that topic!


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