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My predictions are coming true, if you didn’t know earlier in the year I predicted that Chris Browns and Rihanna’s relationship would not make it to September and earlier this week, he got 5 year probation for the events that caused them to break up. I just want to say that he’ll be all right, I don’t see him getting into anymore trouble to violate the 5 years probation. What happens is they give your ass those 5 years and hope you mess up so they can give you state time. But, like i said earlier he will be all right I have friends that got 20 times worse, so that ain’t nothing major. It’s just a good feeling to see a lot of my predictions come true, knowing that I got a crystal ball lying around in my home and I can see everyone’s future. Just think about my last prediction. It was that i was going to be the next to pop off in the game, so right now I’m just sitting back and waiting for Tuesday, June 30th to see what happens. If you didn’t know that’s when my album drops. I’ll tell you this Global Grind, Whether I sell one or one million I’m still going to be the same, because I’ve already exceeded all expectations in life.

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