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<p>&nbsp;</p><p> exclusively reported yesterday that Tisha Campbell-Martin&rsquo;s younger sister Tiara was allegedly 5 months pregnant by Diamond Smith aka &ldquo;Baby Blue&rdquo; from the singing group Pretty Ricky. And she believes 100% that Blue is the father of the unborn baby. The problem is that Blue has been denying that he&rsquo;s the father ever since she told him she was pregnant, and he&rsquo;s at the point now where he&rsquo;s not returning her or her family&rsquo;s phone calls.</p><p>So Tisha&rsquo;s husband Duane Martin (who is also an actor in the entertainment industry) reached out to us in hopes that word would get out, which Duane and the entire Campbell family hoped would make Blue step up to the plate and do what&rsquo;s right.</p><p>Well apparently Blue caught wind of our story and put out a series of messages on his Twitter denying the Campbells&rsquo; allegations, saying that he would be a great father &hellip; if he had a baby.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>