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Olivia Wilde is about to get her Magic City on… Well not exactly but she is going to play a stripper in her next film called Butter. The House star has been hitting up her Twitter followers on how to speak with an accent from Iowa. Her new flick  Butter, is a satirical comedy that plays out the themes of the 2008 Democratic primary by using an Iowa butter-carving competition as the setting.

According to ‘Wilde will be playing a tattooed stripper with a Betty Page hairdo who’s also the mistress to a term-limited butter-carving champion (Modern Family’s Ty Burrell). If he’s the Bill Clinton of this tale, then his long-suffering wife (Jennifer Garner) is the Hillary Clinton, poised to continue her husband’s butter-carving legacy, only to find her path thwarted by a young African American upstart (Yara Shahidi).

Wilde fills a role that Kate Hudson had originally been courted for’

Olivia Wilde in tattoos and swinging on a pole. I’m going to see this one on opening day! It’s like Butter baby! 

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