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Talent comes from so many different places. In this case, it comes from the young and gifted Perri Jones. Perri Jones, who is the daughter to Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, is only twelve years old and she’s already getting tons of attention from her amazing ability to sing. She released a video covering R&B singer Maxwell’s ‘Pretty Wings’ and since then she’s become a phenomenon.

Her voice is one of the most refreshing and beautiful sounding I’ve heard in a minute, and what makes it even more impressive is that she’s only twelve years old. Perri submitted her video to and once we saw it, we had to cover it. Her voice has even gotten her on Russell Simmons’ radar, who is a big fan of Perri and loves her sound.

Here’s the GREAT NEWS! Perri has been in discussion with a major record deal, after they saw her videos on, so it looks like Perri’s future is very bright. Be on the lookout for Perri, she’s definitely part of the next generation of great artists.

What’s your thoughts on Perri Jones? Is she the next big thing? Share your thoughts!

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