The Daily Grind Video

It’s Friday! Yay! We found the perfect way to start the weekend and it involves music, video, food and robots dancing. ROBOTS DANCING!! There is nothing cuter and more heartwarming than robots dancing. NOTHING!!! OK, maybe robot kittens dancing. NOTHING ELSE!!!

Robots and Michael Jackson is a combo that can’t be beat, so when we came across a video of Transformers dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” we had to post it.

The video, in Japanese, premiered last Christmas and was created using MikuMikuDance, a 3D app designed for digital choreography. The dance moves are near replicas of the Michael Jackson original. Enjoy! Via Technobob.

After the break, quench your zombie-like hunger and make gifs!


What: Roaming Hunger

Made By: Roaming Hunger

What It Does: Roaming Hunger is an app that helps you find food trucks after you stumble out the club or bar drunk as a skunk. Rather eat than puke? Whip out your iPhone and search a database to find out where your next meal is parked. You can track, locate and explore the world of food trucks and carts in real time via a food truck location map and get detailed profiles and menus. 


Costs: Free


Screenshot of Roaming Hunger App.


What: 3Frames

Made By: 3Frames

What It Does: Gifs are the future. If you’re not sure then check out one of the many porn Tumblrs that use them. Other than porn, you can use the 3Frames iPhone app in other clever ways like fashion. The app is very simple to use: your iPhone’s camera captures anywhere from 3 to 10 frames in rapid succession, then turns them into an animated gif played back at the speed of your choosing, then share via social media.


Costs:$3.00 via iTunes.


Gif by 3Frames.