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President Barack Obama is getting a little bit of heat from the global warming community. The President insists on having his trainer fly out from Chicago (where he used to reside) to D.C. whenever he and Michelle Obama need to work out. No big deal right? Wrong. According to Ashley Parker at the New York Times, Obama’s fitness czar Cornell McClellan comes out to D.C. every week at an expensive price.

STORY: Barack Obama Goes Hard In The Paint

It turns out McClellan’s weekly trips result in about 50,000 lbs of carbon emissions. That’s the amount of carbon emissions involved in McClellan’s flying back and forth every week for one year. So the question everyone is asking is, couldn’t the Obamas have hired someone in D.C. to take over the training? And should President Obama be flying out a personal trainer every week?

Should President Obama Fly Out A Personal Trainer Every Week?online survey [pagebreak]

Cornell McClellan grew up practicing martial arts, eventually earning a black belt. As a college student McClellan realized that he had a knack for working with people. He owns Naturally Fit, a personal training and wellness center in Chicago. He now spends part of his week in Washington at Mr. Obama’s request.


Barack Obama leaves the gym after an intense workout.


One of President Obama’s workout routines, playing basketball.


The end result of a Cornell McClellan workout, a slimmed down President Obama.

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