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Disney is ready to usher in a new class of talent. The last class are all grown up so it’s time to tap into some young talent. So here comes Bella Thorne and Zendaya. The two tweenage stars are ready for the big time. Their show highlights there talents.

They sing and dance and on “Shake It Up” they get to do both. GlobalGrind was on hand to see Zendaya and Bella take the stage with Selena Gomez during a Disney Upfront as soon as they got off stage we caught up with them. Check out the interview below.

Bella Thorne: Are you kidding I’m hysterical I’m so excited

Zendaya: Yeah, we couldn’t ask for anything more this is our dream and we just love to live it.

GG: What’s the most fun you had on set?

Bella Thorne: I think the meat ball show. We got to eat a 40 pound raw meatball

Zendaya: It was so gross!

Bella Thorne: Of course I actually had to stick it in my mouth. If I knew what cat food tasted like, I think it would taste like that!

Zendaya: I think we have fun everyday on set. It’s a dance show so, we are always dancing and we are always cracking jokes every day is a new adventure.

GG:How does it feel to lead the new disney movement.

Zendaya: It feels really nice that we could lead something so big and Selena performed with us so it such a dream to both of us.

Bella Thorne: I’m completely happy.


GG: When you walked on stage and Selena Gomez came out how did that feel?

Zendaya: It was surreal. It was kind of like we were on the stage and there was the audience and we were dancing next to Selena Gomez and we feed off each others’ energy and we had a good time.

Did you ever receive advice From Selena

Bella Thorne: I’ve work with her on “Wizards,” but never performed and she’s definitely been really nice to both of us with this experience we’ve had. She’s not really giving us any tips tips, but she’s really sweet and she’s very welcoming to us.


GG: The two of you sing as well correct?

Zendaya : Yes, we are actually working on songs together.

Bella Thorne: We have our own songs of course and we the ones that we work on together.

GG: Any ideas on what your album name would be?

Bella Thorne: It’d be Awesomeness!

Zendaya: Nice! I think we can roll with that! (Laughs)

GG: Who are some of your inspirations when it comes to dancing and singing?

Zendaya: I would say for me, it is Michael Jackson, he’s a legend. And second Beyonce Knowles, because she’s covered every aspect of the entertainment industry. Everything from having our own fashion line to being on a movie plus an amazing singing career and those are all the things I want to do in the future.

Bella Thorne: Lady Gaga I love all of her. She’s so cool, and I loved all of her songs. She’s worked really really hard.


GG: Zendaya, what are some of the things Beyonce did that you would like to do?

One day I want to have my own fashion, one day I want to come out with my album which I’m working on right now. One day I want to be in movies so those are all things that I aspire to do.

GG: What are some of your favorite accessories?

Bella Thorne: I would say shoes. Not really an accessory but I have so many shoes I can’t even count them to be honest. So yeah I love shoes.

Zendaya: That’s tough! I would go with bracelets. I’m always wearing bracelets, sometimes I’ll have them all of them up my arm. They are kind of a fun way to bling out an outfit.