Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Ricky Martin were bombarded with Nonsense, a hilarious brand of comedy by YouTube funny man Jack Vale. George Lopez hired Jack Vale to conduct his red carpet interviews and what followed was pure hilarity. Vale spouted off streams of jibberish to his unsuspecting interviewees, including phrases like “purple bow ties and a nut sack,” “seat fillers and headless chickens spinning around in midair.” Nicki Minaj was so confused she walked out.

Check out this video and others featuring hot dogs eating hot dogs, zombies and more during today’s Most TrendTastic YouTube videos of the day.


If you can’t figure out whether to laugh, say aww, or call Peta to report cannibalism, then you’re in the same boat with us. This is a video of a cat eating a hot dog while dressed up as a hot dog.


After a night of drinking and loud music one might think it would be cool to pass out in a drunken, coma-like sleep. Well, not when you’re friends have a pot, some firecrackers and a camera. Warning, turn your volume down.


If your school is infested with zombies, why not go to Lincoln University? Check out this “rejected” ad.


When you’re drunk, the last thing you should do is turn on your camera and make a cooking show for the internet. She didn’t get that memo.

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