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Expect to see Chanel Iman on taxi cabs, sides of buses, billboards and in all your favorite magazines this spring. The Victoria Secret model, who was last seen nude on the cover of i-D magazine, is the new face of DKNY’s Be Delicious fragrance. 

PHOTOS: Chanel Iman Nude On The Cover of i-D Magazine

GlobalGrind had the opportunity to speak to Iman about her campaign for the iconic brand, her first fragrance campaign ever.

When asked what was the best part about being a fragrance model, Iman answered via email, “The best part about doing a fragrance campaign is the perks keep you smelling fresh at all times!! Lol.”

Be Delicious first hit the scene in 2004 and it is fragrantly stunning. Composed of cucumber, white muguet, violet, magnolia, apple, grapefruit, tuberose, woods and rose, it simultaneously holds the vaguest hints of spiciness while seeming light and dewy. The fragrance has been a favorite for almost 8 years.

Iman’s new campaign is ridiculously hot. She’s photographed as a sultry and woodsy biblical Eve who looks as if she was caught sneaking a bite from a sweet and juicy apple. The absence of Adam made us wonder what scents Iman favors in a man.

“I like a man to smell like a man,” Iman wrote with, we imagine, a twinkle in her wholesome brown eyes, “Fresh out the shower — clean with just a dab of their own personal scent.” 

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Chanel Iman as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.


Iman for i-D magazine.


Iman on the cover of Elle Indonesia.


Iman on the cover of i-D magazine.


Chanel Iman in Vogue.