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“Gossip Girl” star Tika Sumpter sat down with GlobalGrind and revealed her favorite things, favorite people, her celebrity crush and everything in between. Tika Sumpter has been adding a little flavor to CW’s hit series “Gossip Girl” as she plays Raina Thorpe on the current season.   

Find out everything Tika can’t live without in the exclusive interview below!

GG: You have an amazing bag, who’s your favorite designer?

TS: Thank you. One of my favorite designers is Max Azria. Because he has three different lines and whoever you feel like being for the day you can choose whatever line you want.

GG: What’s your favorite makeup line?

TK: I have lots of favs, but one of my favorite makeup lines is Cover Girl, because it’s easy and breezy (laughs). I like different ones. My friend started a new makeup line called “Julia Jovone” and she has this pink lipstick I love wearing, because it’s easy and doesn’t come off. I use different things all over my face though. I use Cover Girl mascara and a MAC liquid foundation.

GG: What’s your favorite item you absolutely cannot live without?

TK: I have a couple. I love hats. I’m a hat girl. If I could wear them every day on every red carpet I would. I also love mascara. I love looking like Tammy Faye. Right now, I feel naked when my mascara isn’t dramatic. I also always love a great bag. I am an accessories child.

GG: What’s your favorite accessory?

TK: I love shoes. That’s kind of an accessory. I love little tiny stud earrings. I don’t like the big big studs, I think I look really weird. My phone is also an accessory. I always lose it and it’s always in my bag somewhere and I can never find it. I’m always like ‘hey can someone please call me? I can’t find my phone!’

GG: Who are you listening to on your iPod?

TK: I love India Arie because she’s so positive, and I love waking up to her. I love an artist named Jason Mraz. I love the guitar and I love his voice. John Legend, I love his writing it is fantastic. I love K’naan. Yea! “Wave Your Flag.” I just love positive people, but if I’m going out of course I’m going to put on “Freak’Em Dress.” (Laughs) I’m putting on Rihanna “Whips and Chains” or “S&M” whatever it’s called. But usually I like chill music.



GGWho’s your celebrity crush?

TS: Oh Lord! I feel like if I name the person and they see me in public they’re going to be like ‘you like me’ and I don’t want anyone to have that power over me. Let me think. This is so hard. I have a slight crush on Drake. I’ve known him for a really long time. I used to host this show on Nickelodeon on Noggin and it was called “Best Friends Date” and he was on “Degrassi” at the time. He was our celebrity set-up, so we set him up on dates and we had dinner. He’s such a sweet person. I haven’t seen him in a really long time. He was genuinely a sweet guy.

GG: What’s your favorite book?

TS: I just finished a book called “The Help.” It’s so good. It’s being turned into a movie and Viola Davis is going to be in it. It’s such an uplifting book and it takes place in the ’50s. I love anything that’s historical. It basically says we’re all trying to get by, and that we’re all people. It doesn’t matter what color you are, because we all want the same thing in life. I just love POSITIVITY!! I really do! (laughs)

GG: What’s your favorite color?

TS: Pink.

GG: What’s your favorite food?

TS: Ohhh…I love food. I love to eat oysters.

What’s your favorite seafood restaurant?

TS: I love Blue Water grill, here in New York. It’s pretty simple, but they have good oysters and shrimp. I love seafood a lot.

GG: Are you on Twitter?

TS: I am but I need more Twitter followers! I’m so bad at it. I try to tweet, but someone broke into my twitter once. I had to change my password. But I need to get more followers, so follow me @IAmTikaSumpter.

GG: What celebrities are you following on Twitter?

TS: I’m following Chris Rock. Or at least I think I’m following Chris Rock. (laughs) It says @IAm NotChrisRock. I don’t know if it’s him or not, but everything he tweets is hilarious. And I follow Peter Griffin from “Family Guy.” I try to follow people I know, but I’m just not good at Twitter.

GG: Who’s your favorite actor/actress?

TS: I love Thandie Newton. I love Matt Damon. I love Viola Davis. Whoopie Goldberg is ridiculously amazing, because “Color Purple” is one of my favorite movies. I have a lot. Those people make we want to make movies. I’m glad I’m in this business, because of them.



GG: What’s your guilty pleasure?

TS: I watch the “Amazing Race” and “Basketball Wives” sometimes. When I’m tired and I don’t want to think, I turn on “Basketball Wives.”

GG: What’s your sign?

TS: I am a Gemini.

GG: Your best or worst pick up line a guy has ever used on you?

TS: Guys don’t usually use pick up lines on me, they just usually say stupid stuff.  Like “Smile” and you’re like ‘what?’ Do you know what is going on in my life right now? Maybe I’m not smiling because I’ve been smiling for the past 4 hours and I don’t feel like smiling anymore. It’s annoying, but whatever.

A good one is ‘hi how are you doing? Are you taken?’ You don’t have to holla at me, or pssst me. Just walk up and ask if you can buy me a drink. If I say no, because I’m in a relationship or because I don’t want to, just accept it and walk away, because that makes me go ‘oh…he’s cool.’ Don’t call me a b*tch or try to curse me out. It’s doesn’t work. Please take my advice guys!

GG: What’s your favorite city?

TS: My favorite city of all time is Paris.

GG: What’s your favorite movie?

TS: Of course I have more than one. My favorite movie is the “Color Purple.” I love “Good Will Hunting.”  I love old movies too like “Twelve Angry Men.”

GG: Do you drink?

TS: Of course.

GG: What’s your favorite cocktail?

TS: Anything with litchi in it. I drink it and drink it and drink it, which gets me into lots of trouble. (laughs)

GG: What’s your favorite club?

TS: I just started going out again. My favorite club used to be on my couch, watching movies every weekend. I love Bagatelle. It’s not really a club, it’s a restaurant that plays really loud music and you can get up and dance if you want. I love S.L. too! I went to the Boom Boom Room yesterday and had an amazing time. 


Actress and “Gossip Girl” starlet Tika Sumpter. 


Actress and “Gossip Girl” starlet Tika Sumpter.


Actress and “Gossip Girl” starlet Tika Sumpter.


Actress and “Gossip Girl” starlet Tika Sumpter.