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Pop rock princess Fefe Dobson is back in the music game and my oh my, it’s such a joy! Canadian singer/songwriter Fefe Dobson initially popped onto the music scene with her self-titled debut album in 2003, with hits like “Everything” and “Take Me Away.”

What Fefe didn’t know was that the music scene was changing and she would soon be another amazing artist who was forced to transition with the industry. Fefe’s been on a brief hiatus, but she recently released her third album “Joy.”

Now, Fefe’s on the road touring around Canada. GlobalGrind had the chance to call Fefe and she had a lot of amazing things to say about what she’s been up to, her favorite fashion accessories and of course, her music. To learn more about Fefe visit here

GlobalGrind: You’re just returning from Europe and now you’re headlining on tour with These Kids Wear Crowns. How has it been?

Fefe Dobson: So far, so good. Yesterday was our first show in Ottawa. It was really nice, great audience and everyone singing along to all the new singles. Right now, I’m in the back of my tour bus, just chillin.

So where else are you headed?

We’re headed to a place called St. Catherines. We’re hitting all the spots throughout Canada. It’s a Canadian tour so we’re hitting all the spots. I think inbetween we’re gonna go to Vegas April 9th to do a radio show here and there and do more shows in the U.S. It’s gonna be a whirlwind but it’s exciting.


You took a little bit of a hiatus from the mainstream music scene. We read that you’ve been continuously working on your album that’s now entitled “Joy.” How has your journey with your label and subsequently becoming an independent artist affected your music?

A big reason why I named the album “Joy” was because of that process and because of having to be in the storm when me and Island separated originally. It was a really hard moment for me to sit back and be like, “Wow I am back to the beginning. I’m back where I started.” And now I have to figure out my footing and what’s next and how do I survive. I literally had like 500 bucks to my name. I had no boyfriend and decided to buy a dog. First of all, my dog made me really happy and I started feeling good and that just led me to want to write.

They say that animals bring you happiness and she really did. I just started writing and that’s when Miley Cyrus did “Start All Over” and Jordin Sparks did “Don’t let it go to your head.” And all these things were happening with my songs and I started realizing and it inspired me to be like ‘Wow. People do want what I have. It’s not gone to waste.’

So it really was joyful. It really was a moment of, ‘Ok this sucks’ to ‘Alright I see the clouds starting to clear’ to ‘Here’s the sunlight.’ So it helped me grow a lot. Then I got resigned to Island and I really believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m at a better place. I can make music in a different light.

You and Island Def Jam originally separated for musical differences. Entering into the music industry, did you think people were going to try to mold you into something you weren’t?

Well, no one really tried to mold me into anything. That was really the difference, it was just that my sound was really rock and edgy but it was hardcore, it was rock and roll. I was working with John 5, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie’s guitar player and Tim Armstrong and I was really making a rock record. The problem was that music was changing. As I was making this rock record, mainstream radio and mainstream music was becoming something different. So when it was time to market it, it wasn’t catching. It was the timing.

We had to go back to the drawing board. Try to evolve with other producers that maybe would bring out a poppier side. But it didn’t connect because I wasn’t in that place. It just so happened like that, but no one looked at me and said you need to be this or don’t be this. It was more just music was changing and it was about timing.


What’s the most annoying thing about the music industry and what would you change?

I think that there are so many amazing artists out there that can’t get a chance to break through because we listen to the same artists all the time. We only hear the same artists all the time. I think what frustrates me is that the artists out there that are really super, super talented that write their own songs, that produce their own music, don’t get a chance in the mainstream world. We listen to the same couple of artists over and over and whatever we’re given on radio. There’s more out there.

Who are you listening to and who do you think everyone else should be listening to?

I listen to a lot of abstract stuff and a lot of artists that are either old school classic rock or just underground bands. I love The Kills, the singer is from Dead Weather with Jack White and the other singer is engaged to Kate Moss. They’re this rock high fashion band, they’re awesome. I love Kanye’s new album. I love old school stuff like Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and stuff like that. I like a band called The Horrors. I like a lot of music and it’s hard but I always try to find new bands. I heard Adele’s record the other day, it sounded beautiful.

If you were sent to a deserted island and you could only bring 3 albums, what 3 albums would you bring?

Fleetwood Mac “Rumors.” Beatles “White Album,” ’cause then I get two albums in one. Bob Marley “Legend.”


You were one of the first female artists in our generation to do your own thing style-wise. What are some of your favorite accessories or pieces that you cannot live without?

Probably my leopard jacket, my black leather pants, and my suede platform mimosas, they’re shoes.

Are you working on any new music currently? Do you have time?

I’m always writing. I’m on tour right now but I’m constantly thinking of melodies and writing and stuff like that. It never stops really. It’s a muscle so I try to keep it working, try to strengthen it. But yes, I am always writing and working on music.


Do you have a creative process that you do when you write music? Do you need total silence or total chaos?

I need a little bit of both at different times. I mean not while I’m writing, but something that’s happening in my life, either it’s chaotic or if it’s lovely.

Is there anything else you wanted to say? That you wanted the fans to know?

Just want to let everyone know the album is out now and there is a new single coming called “Can’t Breathe” and look forward to that and the video.


Fefe Dobson and Christina Milian enjoy each other at an event. 


Fefe Dobson and Christina Milian enjoy each other at an event.


Singer Fefe Dobson. 

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