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Today is Earth Day and we circled the globe looking for the craziest, most insane Earth Day-worthy pictures we could find. 

For instance, the picture above is a shocking photo of lightning illuminating the sky over Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Next, we go to Philippines where we see kids playing in the littered water of the Wawa River. Children are shown bathing in the polluted river near the capital Manila, to avoid the heat. Last but not least, we head to the Sweden Ice hotel where everything is as cold as ice and actually made out of ice! 

This Earth Day let’s remember to do something that will help Mother Nature and not hurt her. Take a look at these amazing photos and help GG celebrate our planet! 


Lightning illuminates the sky over Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Up To Their Necks:

Kids in the Philippines playing in the littered water of the Wawa River. Children bath in the polluted River near the capital Manila to avoid the exhausting heat.


Stars All Around:

A long exposure shows star trails behind an abandoned cabin near Mount Krivan on April 20. Standing 8,182 feet above sea level, Slovakia’s most iconic peak is located in the western part of the High Tatra Mountains near Vychodna.


Hop, Skip:

A member of a local rock climbing club jumps on ice floating in the Yenisei River in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia.


Itsy Bitsy:

Trees covered with spider webs in the flood affected Sindh province, Pakistan.


Ice, Ice, Baby:

Sweden Ice Hotel 


Fight Night:

Eagles bares their claws as they try to force each other to drop what they’ve caught near the Nooksack River in Washington.


Free Ride:

This frog was too tired to swim across the pond…so it hitched a lift onboard a passing fish.