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Every day there are tons of music related tidbits that float around the Internet, but how is one to know what’s good, what’s worth listening to and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow?


Well, you’re in luck, because GlobalGrind has rounded up some of the coolest, most buzzworthy musical information of the day and you can find it here all in one place.

VIDEOS AND VISUALS: Nardwuar interviews Lil Wayne

WHAT: Nardwuar strikes again. The Canadian journalist caught up with Lil Wayne and the result is a very informative interview. Watch the footage after the jump.



WHAT: You know you’ve made it when your fans just can’t contain themselves. Big Sean got an unsolicited spider hug and grind session from a fan during a recent concert. Check out the video here.


THIS JUST IN: Cash Money 2?

WHAT: Mack Maine told MTV that he’s gearing up to launch a new label under the Cash Money umbrella. There’s no name for the new imprint, but we’ll keep you posted. 



WHAT: Don Omar, Busta Rhymes and Ludacris teamed up for the “How We Roll (“Fast Five” Remix)” and now there’s a video. Check out the video, which acts as a bit of a trailer for “Fast Five” — in theaters May 3.


THIS JUST IN: Bangladesh

WHAT: Looks like Bangladesh is still having financial issues with the Cash Money/Young Money crew. The producer told MTV he has yet to receive a check for his work on “6 Foot 7 Foot.” We suggest Bangladesh get his money up front from now.